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Aponyx Electric Vehicles, an EV manufacturing company, found its roots and was incorporated in 2017.
Aponyx Electric Vehicles headquarters is situated in IMT Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana. The core team members constitute approximately 70 people.

Story Behind How Aponyx EV Came Into Existence Today?

Aponyx Electric Vehicles

The founders stepped into the electronic and electrical industry when radio came into existence 50 years back and seized the opportunity to exemplify innovations in the electronics and electrical sectors. As the technology evolved manufacturing more electrical appliances were introduced into the market, they manufactured and repaired all pieces of electronics equipment and appliances such as radios, tape recorders, TVs, CD players, mobile phones, etc, for reputed brands.

Previously, when electric automobiles weren’t widely known by the masses, diesel and gasoline powered vehicles weren’t allowed on golf courses, and golf clubs utilised battery-operated carts to prevent pollution, therefore when golf carts malfunction because of inadequate electric vehicles infrastructure.

Mr. MS Chugh gained recognition for his assessment of golf cart maintenance because he was a well-known name in the electricals & electronics industry; thus, he accepted the repairments of golf carts at the time when nobody was aware of electric vehicles in India and travelled to China to procure technical spare parts before delivering the carts to the Indian golf club and then continued to provide service for golf carts throughout India.

20 years back the brand idea emphasises teamwork and cooperation of the company. Currently Aponyx has developed and marketed electric two wheelers, electric cycles, electric tri-bikes for senior citizens & handicapped, electric passenger auto and cargo loaders. Aponyx – has come up with AC/DC solar charging stations.

Step Into a Greener Future With Us!

Aponyx Electric Vehicles is giving dealership in Pan-India and it is disseminating further in the market. Whilst dealers sell the products online and the company still has OEM for other brands, the product is currently only available offline. For the last four years, they have received minimal complaints and have relied primarily on after sale services.

Our Leaderships

MS Chugh

Founder & Chairman

Manish Chugh

Co-founder & Director